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Cloud-based legal translations powered by AI technology. 
All translations are proof-read by our Swedish lawyers.


1. Upload your document and select your desired delivery date.

2. Our cloud-based AI-tool translates your document instantly.

3. One of our lawyers starts reviewing your document within 24h.

4. The translation is delivered to you together with an invoice.

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    Why Legalate?

    AI and Machine Learning

    Legalate uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve the efficiency of legal translations.

    Legal quality

    Legalate consists of experienced lawyers with great understanding of legal English. Each document is thus proof-read by an experienced Swedish lawyer.


    Legalate's translators are bound by extensive non-disclosure agreements and handle your legal documents with great caution. Your documents are automatically deleted from our system after 30 days.



    Legalate offers the most cost-efficient translations on the Swedish market with the use of our disruptive technology.



    Most frequently asked questions and answers

    We only hire lawyers with excellent qualifications within legal English and Swedish respectively.

    If you are dissatisfied with our performance and we are responsible for the error, we will correct it without charge.

    We use an algorithm to calculate the price which takes into account both the estimated time needed and the desired delivery date. If we notice that it will take 25 % longer or more to complete the task, we will inform you.

    We translate from English to Swedish and vice versa.

    You set the desired deadline yourself. We do our best to deliver your translation on time, or faster. We reserve the right to extend the deadline for extensive translations.

    Your initial upload of the document, during the estimate calculation, does not give Legalate access to its content. We receive your documents once you have confirmed the purchase, storing them in our secure database. The documents will be deleted from our database 30 days after completion of the translation. 


    About Legalate

    Legalate is a new online service aimed at helping companies, public authorities and law firms in need of translation of Swedish and English legal texts. Legalate consists of a hand-picked network of Swedish lawyers who possess a good knowledge of legal English. Originally, Legalate was founded by two lawyers and a programmer. Together, they combined their experience to develop a simple and effective platform for both clients and lawyers. The purpose of the service has always been to give companies, authorities and law firms the opportunity to quickly and easily outsource translation work to a pool of lawyers. Legalate’s long-term goal is to fundamentally change the legal translation market by offering a better quality product at a lower price than its competitors.